Always Check Mattress Reviews Before Buying

Always Check Mattress Reviews Before Buying

As with any major purchase, consumers should always check mattress reviews before buying. This should be considered as important as any other product research, as it relates real-life experience with the product – and because a bed is a purchase that you will likely use for many years. Taking the time to do the research will lead to wiser purchases and increased your chances of satisfaction.

What to Look for in Mattress Reviews

To start, carefully consider your personal needs and what you hope to correct or alleviate with the purchase and then attempt to find reviews from customers who have similar problems. Evaluate what aspects you consider most important and always check for mattress reviews that include them. Some of the following would likely be included in a checklist:

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Pain Relief
  • Support and Pressure Relief
  • Warranty
  • Returns / Length of Trial Period
  • Heat/Odor/Chemicals

Tips for Assessing Validity of Mattress Reviews

Keep in mind that customers who are extremely happy or unhappy with a purchase tend to be the most likely to leave mattress reviews. Reviews often exclude many consumers who were pleased with their mattress or had an average experience, but did not take the time to review. So, it is best to look for overall patterns and the proportion of negative to positive experiences, as they may be fairly polarized.

When assessing mattress reviews you should be cautious about believing everything you read. The following key points should be considered when reading various consumer’s experiences.

  • Are the mattress reviews on the retailer website written by an actual consumer and are they verified? It is important that they are real reviews from consumers and not written solely to sell one type of mattress. The best reviews are those that have been verified by a third party to ensure they come from real customers (PowerReviews is a popular service used by many retailers). Testimonial-style reviews are the least reliable since they are hand selected by the retailer and easy to forge.
  • Check compilations on third-party consumer reporting sites for general themes of dissatisfaction or satisfaction. These may depict a graded value graph showing how consumers felt about a various mattress features and styles, such as comfort, value and durability.
  • Read mattress reviews for problems that are similar to your own. For example, someone who suffers from chronic lower back pain or fibromyalgia may benefit from reading the experiences others with the same issues have had with the mattress.
  • For negative reviews, what are the reasons the person is not satisfied? Is it related to price, comfort, expectations, service? Do they compare it against another type, or offer substantive claims? Look for specifics and patterns to see if an overall trend develops.
  • If the mattress reviews include mention of a return or replacement, how did the retailer respond? Was it a positive experience?

Mattress Reviews Can Help You Shop Smarter

There are numerous questions a consumer will have when shopping for a new bed that may be addressed in part through reviews. Most notable to most people are comfort and relief from aches and pains which are often exacerbated from sleeping on a poor mattress. Durability is an important aspect as well, and is often mentioned, particularly when the customer is not satisfied with their new mattress. For instance reviews on mattresses often include comments about early durability issues like sagging, as well as how customer support handles replacement and  warranty coverage. Several people mentioning the same issue might be considered a red-flag, especially if they are not balanced by positive reviews. Being an informed consumer can save you the headache of a sub-par product and possibly hundreds of dollars.

Sample Mattress Comparison

Here is an example of how you as a shopper could compare mattress reviews in an organized table or chart. You could keep track on a notepad or use a spreadsheet application like Excel or Google Docs to keep your notes organized as you compare and research different mattresses. In this sample, we compared three memory foam mattress brands in the low $1000 range using information collected from their websites.

 Tempurpedic SimplicityAmerisleep LibertySerta iComfort Insight
Queen Price$1,099$1,199$1,299
Sales?NoYes, $200 offNo
Mattress TypeMemory FoamPlant-Based Memory FoamGel Memory Foam
Foam Density2.5 lb4.5 lb4.0 lb
Return Period90 days90 days120 days
Avg Customer Review3.5/5 (17 reviews)4.6/5 (106 reviews)4.4/5 (54 reviews)
Review TypeUnverifiedVerifiedUnverified
Notes from ReviewsMentions of good support, but also complaints of back pain, lack of support, and heat.Mentions of good support, pain relief, no problems with offgassing/heat, a couple complaints on firmness.Mentions of improved back pain, complaints of hip pain and strong off gassing, some issues with size

As you can see, this helps keep all of the most important details at hand to make the shopping process much easier. We can see that compared to the Simplicity and Insight, the Amerisleep Liberty memory foam mattress has the highest reviews, highest density, and a promotion that makes it the cheapest in the comparison. Rather than go back and forth from website to website and store to store, you can easily create your own comparison, including the factors you deem most important to simplify and expedite your research.

What type of mattress should I look for?

Sufferers from painful ailments often leave positive mattress reviews for memory foam and latex mattresses regarding their ability to provide support and eliminate pressure points. Latex is often mentioned as being the most comfortable for back pain and memory foam typically receives the honor of being best overall; however they often cost more than traditional mattresses. But, the tradeoff would be longevity and improved comfort. It is best not to be stuck on a specific brand or type during the research phase, as you may overlook options that offer a perfect match of comfort and value. Consider all options including online retailers, and start narrowing your focus as you test/research different types and weight the pros and cons from reviews.

Making a sound purchasing decision based on thorough research including reading multiple mattress reviews will help consumers wisely narrow their choices. This is imperative with literally hundreds of mattress styles that are available to choose from. By doing so, consumers are able to find the best value for their buying dollar that will provide the comfort, support and durability that they require. As with any major purchase, always check mattress reviews before buying.

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