BedEd Compares Adjustable Bed Retailers

BedEd Compares Adjustable Bed Retailers

We’ve been studying adjustable bed brands and the results are in! Popularized for their ability to improve sleep, pain management, and a host of other issues, adjustable bases allow users to change the angle of the head and foot of their bed. As more and more retailers begin offering  adjustable bed bases in their lineup, BedEd was curious to see how they differed. We were inspired by a recent adjustable comparison article from, and expanded on their findings in the following comparison.

Adjustable Bed Comparison Results

First, here is the overview of results for the several adjustable bed brands compared. Each variable was ranked on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being best.

BrandConsumer RatingsPriceHealth BenefitsDurabilityWarrantyTotal
Golden Rest333333
Sleep Comfort414453.6

How the ranking was done: ranked top retailers on five dimensions. Data was gathered from manufacturer and retailer-provided information, third party reviews from actual owners, and other information sources like product comparison websites and forums.

The Best Adjustable Bed Brand is:

You will notice that some companies may rank well on one item, but fail miserably on another. Some rank average across the board, while others have proven very popular with owners.

Overall, there was one clear winner and one tie:

  • Amerisleep: 4.5
  • Sleep Comfort: 3.6
  • TempurPedic: 3.4
  • Costco: 3
  • Golden Rest: 3

Checking the Facts

Of course, being the curious educational mattress blog we are, we just had to dig a little deeper and do our own research to see if we came up with similar results.

As evidenced in the above tables, adjustable bed ratings vary considerably not only by brand but on features within a brand.  These basic factors represent good starting points to consider when comparing brands. We choose three aspects to look at in-depth in out comparison: price, ratings, and warranties.

Actual Retail Prices:

To obtain prices, we looked at manufacturer websites for current listed prices (not including any sales or promotions. One retailer, Sleep Comfort, does not disclose prices. This is a big negative in our perspective as it encourages price gouging and sales dishonesty, and forces people to negotiate for a better deal (and many people are not comfortable doing so).

  • Amerisleep: $1099-$1899 for queen size bases.
  • Sleep Comfort:  Doesn’t disclose pricing. Prices mentioned in reviews ranged from $1900-4400+.
  • TempurPedic: $1300-$1999 for queen size bases.
  • Costco:  $1189-$1399 for queen size bases.
  • Golden Rest: $1650-$2550 for queen size base/mattress.

Consumer Ratings:

We looked at consumer ratings from real owners. Our sources were: (1) the retailer’s website, (2) third party review websites, and (3) blog/video consumer reviews.

  • Amerisleep: 4.8 star averages from their website’s third-party verified reviews (95+ at last update). Several specifically mention benefits of the position preset feature in the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed, no mentions of issues with service or durability. Third party sites range from 4.5-5 on mentions of adjustable bases.
  • Sleep Comfort: Their website uses “testimonial” style reviews which are notoriously unreliable in terms of unbiased owner insight. There is very little  information about their beds on third party sites, though the reviews we could find were mostly complaints about mattresses and adjustable bed remotes, though mentions of pain relief were also present.
  • TempurPedic: 3.0/5.0 stars on the Ergo Basic (Premier not yet for sale). Complaints include service issues and premature breakdowns, though again health benefits are still mentioned.
  • Costco: Reviews for the Sleep Science model are quite limited online, with very few on either the retailer site of third party sites. The two we could find both good mention comfort and service. The S-Cape is a better-known base, and tends to get 4/5 stars or more from all retailers.
  • Golden Rest: Uses a “certified” review system on their website, with product averages ranging from 1-5 stars. Mentions include mixed service experiences, and some delivery issues. Reviews on third party sites tend to average around 3-3.5 stars.

Full Coverage Warranty:

As adjustable beds can be relatively expensive, we believe the parts that actually receive wear, such as the motor and remote should have transparent coverage information included in the warranty and a minimum of 2 years to ensure your bed works well.  Many owners felt they had been misled as a 20-year warranty from some companies excluded motors and electronics after the just the first 1-5 years.

  • Amerisleep: 1 year full coverage, 3 year parts.
  • Sleep Comfort: 1 year full coverage, lifetime full parts (shipping extra).
  • TempurPedic: 1 year full coverage, 3 years parts.
  • Costco: 1-2 years full, 2-5 years parts
  • Golden Rest: 1 year full coverage.

In Conclusion

After checking the facts, finds that the ratings presented by the Best Mattress Brand blog to be accurate, and even generous on some accounts in regards to reviews.  We found it very interesting that Amerisleep adjustable beds have the highest reviews, but lowest starting price, and one of the best warranties. Reviews for all beds did mention the health benefits of sleeping in personalized positions, though they varied on service, reviews, and sales experiences.

Ultimately, our results aligned closely with, indicating consistency and accuracy. Takeaways for people considering an adjustable bed include double checking warranty terms, investigating reviews online, and realizing that the best-known or most expensive brand isn’t always the best value. As with all important purchases, you should compare adjustable bed brands before making a purchase to find the best overall value and fit for your needs and budget.

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