What’s in Your Bed? Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Health

See why natural memory foam and latex offers the best mattress options.

Choose the Best Mattress for Your Health

The green movement is attacking concerns regarding every aspect of our daily lives; and with good reason. Without it, consumers would still be bound to the older methods most manufacturers stick to when they make their everyday products. That’s becoming a thing of the past, as more consumers are more aware of the importance of their health and the environment health as well. In turn more and more manufacturers and companies have implemented their eco-friendly values into their products.

Arguably one of the least thought of products when it comes to health and environmental safety is mattresses; which is ironic, since it is an everyday product that people use heavily. Most of your sleeping, reading, and even TV watching happens on your bed. So, it would be a good idea to find the best mattress for implementing a healthy lifestyle while at the same time helping to reduce environmental impact.

Know About Flame Retardants

The biggest concern when it comes to traditional foam mattresses, are their flammable nature as they are petroleum based. Their polyurethane compounds make them highly combustible and defenseless against any minor sparks and any flames nearby. If they happen to be in contact with each other, it is possible for the mattress to combust and create a fast spreading flame, that ultimately emits toxic gasses. Due to this concern, most states have laws requiring chemical flame retardants on furniture products including mattresses. When shopping for a bed, make sure it uses natural, non-toxic components to meet regulations.

This makes consumers weary of traditional foam mattresses; however, spring mattresses also have their dangers. Their mattresses are sealed with flame retardant chemicals to reduce the risks of it catching fire, and these chemicals have been known to cause nervous and reproductive issues in animals. With all natural memory foam mattresses, those flammable concerns dissipate, as the mattresses typically feature “green” elements or specially treated wool/fabric encasement to eliminate toxic additives.

Avoid Volatile Organic Compounds

Also, all polyurethane-based mattresses emit V.O.C.s (volatile organic compounds). The emissions have been studied and been recognized to cause serious health risks to humans. Findings are backed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These emissions have been known to cause respiratory conditions. Any of the material dust that is inhaled can easily harm the lungs of the breather. If these substances come into contact with the eyes, it can also cause irritation.

Opt for Hypoallergenic Materials

Individuals with many allergies often dread bed time, as dust mites, pet dander, and mold can wreak havoc on sleep. Memory and latex foam mattresses are one of the best mattress choices when it comes to hypoallergenic concerns and they are also antimicrobial. In other words, molds, mildews and the dusts that usually accumulate in traditional mattresses will not be looking for a new place to stay inside of a memory foam or latex mattress. Natural latex foam is even safe for people with synthetic latex allergies and latex protein allergies due to the manufacturing processes.

So what’s the Best Mattress when it comes to health?

One of the best mattress options for this would have to be natural memory foam, like the plant based natural memory foam mattress collection from Amerisleep. Instead of utilizing petroleum based products like most mattress brands, plant-based memory foam utilizes natural, regenerative resources such as plants oils and bamboo. Being the first natural memory foam mattress to be made in the United States, it has won favor with consumers as being the best mattress choice for their health and the environment.

What makes natural memory foam the best mattress?

An issue with traditional foam mattresses, aside from chemicals, is that they have a tendency to retain more body heat as opposed to spring mattresses. Consumers interested in memory foam mattresses, but having hesitations because of the heat retention issue, can also rest easy as plant-based foam remains temperature neutral and is shown to be more effective at dissipating heat. Beds with an open-cell foam structure also offset this issue, which makes natural memory foam  the best mattress choice for temperature regulation. It has also been rated as one of the best mattress choices for women experiencing hot flashes, due to menopausal symptoms.

Natural memory foam and natural latex offer an all round consumer safety factor, when it comes to allergies, temperature regulation and flame resistance. Reviewing consumer opinions on top brands can vouch for their comfort, and many options are even more affordable than chemical-laden counterparts. With all things considered, the best mattress options for value, durability, comfort, and Eco-friendliness are clear. slider-home

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